Announcing First Community

As we get ready for our Mainnet launch on the VeChainThor Platform, we feel it's important for our community to get involved and share in the excitement and experience.
And of course, have a chance to get something in return.
With that in mind, is announcing our first community-driven contest.

The Slot skin competition is closed. The winner will be announced on July 24th. Thank you for your entries!
Wednesday, 13 June 2018

A community slot skin
making contest

Submission Starts: 00:00AM PST 20th June, 2018
Subnission Deadline: 23:59PM PST 19th July, 2018 has been, and will always be, a community driven organisation. It is something that has been ingrained into our philosophy since day one and it is an ethos which has foundationally affected our business with everything from our profit sharing model, to the way that we ensure we include community thoughts and opinions in our decision making process.The reality is we simply would not exist without our community and we want to ensure that we continue to not only engage effectively with it, but that we empower it.

There’s an unlimited amount of wisdom and talent among you. Let’s tap into it, harness it, produce some great things from it, and reward you for it.

Importantly, a slots skin will do this and much, much more.

It is something that will not only foster engagement and creativity, but it is an activity that may even allow for long-lasting business value. Slots are an integral part of our initial offering, we want to make them as attractive as possible, and with your help, we know that this can be achieved.

Now, let’s talk about the contest.

Contest Rules:
  1. Meet tech specs.​ All technical parameters of the art work need to be met.
  2. Submission. ​You need to officially submit your entry to press​@​decent.bet11:59pm PST, 19th July 2018​, which will allow us to register your email address with your artwork.
    Multiple entries allowed per designer.
  3. Get it out there. ​Release your work in any/all social media you can think of, and ask for the communities comments, the number of upvotes/likes/comments is key for winning the contest.
  4. Conform to all copyright laws​. Only use images that you own or have purchased the copyright for. We would be disappointed not to be able to display your work!
  5. Be PG-rated, and G-Rated if you can.​ All pornographic, racist, illegal or otherwise inappropriate images will be automatically disqualified from the competition.
  6. Once submitted, it is ours.​After submitting your entry, you agree that DBET has the exclusive right to redistribute any and all portions of your work in perpetuity, and DBET also reserves the right to use your entry in promotional or other materials as DBET sees fit. Also, should your entry win the competition, you agree that the winning entry will immediately become the sole and exclusive property of DBET, including copyright privileges, and you agree to forfeit any ownership and copyright claims to DBET. You also agree not to use your entry, should you win, without DBET’s express written permission. As such, DBET will legally be able to use any portions of any video submitted without further permission from the entrant. It also means that the winning entry will become DBET’s property.

    The winners of the skins contest will be announced ​on ​the 23rd of July, 2018​,​ via social channels on Facebook​, ​Twitter​, ​Telegram​, R​eddit​ and on our ​Website​.
Suggested Themes:
  1. Current world events
  2. Current social events
  3. Recent events of DBET
  4. Gambling-related themes
  5. Historical-related themes
  6. Pop culture/meme-related
  7. DBET embodiment and spirit
  8. DBET related fun
  9. VeChain Ecosystem related
  10. Surprise us--get creative
Winning Criteria:

The Entry will be judged by Jed, Kurt and Chris as well as selected community moderators of Note, DBET reserves the rights to add additional qualified judges.

The entry will be assessed by using the below criteria:

  • 40% Social Media Impact And Community Support: ​likes/retweets in social media
  • 20% Technical: ​Can our developers gamify the skin in a way that makes sense?
  • 20% Overall Impact​: Does it have a compelling call to action, do people like it, and is it engaging?
  • 20% Gut-Feel:​ Overall opinion formed by our judges?

In addition to the above parameters, the team will look at social perception and potential foul play when analyzing the entry.

15000 DBETs
8000 DBETs
5000 DBETs
2500 DBETs
5th - 10th
1500 DBETs / Each
Most Popular Reward
(Largest Social Reach)
5000 DBETs

The social response will be judged by Twitter retweets, Facebook shares, and traditional or mainstream media reach plus other social indicators.

Good luck! If you have any questions regarding the contest, please contact

Get started on the contest by downloading the instructions and assets here